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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Some of what you think you know about s*x is true, some are just false. Discover interesting myths and the facts about, s*x, STDs and contraception.

1Myth: Male circumcision reduces s*xual satisfaction
Fact: There is no relationship between circumcision and reduced s*xual arousal or experience. A man who is circumcised can pleasure and be pleasured as much as an uncircumcised man.

2 Myth: Only men have wet dreams
Fact: Although wet dreams are more common occurrence in men, many studies have found up to 40% of women who have had or have wet dreams.

3 Myth: I won’t get pregnant because this is my first time having s*x False:
A woman can get pregnant any time ovulation occurs, even if it’s her first time having s*x.

4 Myth : Using a condom seriously diminishes male s*xual pleasure.
Fact: According to a recent study in the Journal of s*xual Medicine, both men and women enjoy s*x with condoms just as much as they do without them. So if you’re looking for a hormone-free birth control method, don’t be swayed by the myth that condoms can kill the moment. Check out these pleasure-enhancing options (link to fiesta dotted, ribbed, etc.), and keep a stash at your place. That way, you’ll be prepared if a guy tries to use this fake line to avoid wrapping his member up

5 Myth: Women Don’t Watch P0*n
False, People believe that watching P0*n has always been a guy thing and most P0*n is marketed towards men—both straight and gay. Nowadays, p****graphy geared towards women does exist and many women do report enjoying p****graphy

6 Myth: I can’t get pregnant if I don’t have an climax?
The pleasure of s*x isn’t connected to the science of pregnancy at all. If you have s*x without contraception you can get pregnant, whether you enjoyed it or not.

7 Myth: You can use a condom more than once, if you wash it properly.
Fact: A condom should NEVER be used twice under any circumstances.

8 Myth: Baby oil and Vaseline® are okay to use as lubricants with latex condoms.
Fact: Oil-based lubricants (like baby oil, Vaseline®, handcreams, Crisco) can break down latex and allow STDs/STIs to pass through. Instead, water soluble lubricants like K-Y Jelly®, Glide®, Aqualube®, most contraceptive jellies, saliva, or even plain ol’ water are good lubricants to use with condoms.

9 Myth: Most women can have an climax through vaginal s*x only.
Fact: Only about 30% of women reach climax through vaginal s*x only. The other 70% need more manual or oral stimulation to achieve orgasms.

10 Myth: The average man-hood size is about 5 to 6 inches.
Fact: According to the Kinsey Institute, the average erect (hard) man-hood length of U.S. males is between 5 to 6 inches, and average flaccid (not erect, or soft) man-hood length ranges between 1 and 4 inches.

11 Myth: Girls don’t self service.
Fact: Girls in fact are curious about their bodies and do self service. However on average, guys are more likely to report that they self service than girls. Girls might be afraid to engage in or admit to self servicing to the same degree as guys do.

12 Myth:”Blue balls” is a real medical condition.
Fact: But . . . not a serious one. The correct medical term for “blue balls” is vasocongestion. This happens when blood builds up in the testicles and/or prostate when a male gets aroused (“turned on”) but doesn’t release. It is often accompanied by a cramp-like ache and pain or tenderness in the groin area. While this can be uncomfortable, it is not a serious condition and is not an excuse to pressure a partner into s*x. There are two ways to get rid of this problem–a guy can self service until he ejaculates, or just let the feelings of arousal go away on their own (which they will). It should be noted that girls can have the same pain and discomfort from getting aroused and not having an organsm as well.

source: Honeyandbanana

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