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Posture Trick For A Strong Back And Tight Tummy

Sunday, 6 August 2017

There’s a strong chance whether you’re sitting or standing that you’re putting your lower back at risk.

But in addition, you’re missing out on an easy way to retrain your body to strengthen your core.

Simple fixes to your standing and sitting postures — that you may not even be aware of — can reduce your risk of back strain and injury, and provide bonuses that actually enhance your abdominal strength.

That’s good for your back integrity and doubly good if you want to get in the habit of something that could give you a tighter tummy.

Some of the standing and sitting saboteurs most of us are guilty of include:

Standing with hyperextended knees
Standing with your weight on one hip
Bad stance during overhead exercise
You can make some simple changes that encourage a neutral pelvis and can turn your bad posture to a better core and stronger back. Let me show you in my video…

Make these simple changes that encourage a neutral pelvis to reduce your risk:

Unlock your knees
Engage your core
Stagger your stance
Doing overhead exercise increases the risk of arching the back compounded by hyperextension of the knees. And this is something that can happen even in the kitchen. Inevitably you’re going to put some dishes back up on the top shelf… or want to serve a volley ball or hit a golf ball with high speed. Learning how to make a neutral pelvis a regular part of your daily posture will improve all of these things and keep your back safe while you do them. Plus, when doing overhead exercise, your new and improved posture will give you the added benefit of also exercising your core.

source: Easyhealthoptions

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