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Natural Way To Make Your Broken Bones Heal Faster

Thursday, 10 August 2017

natural-way-to-make-your-broken-bones-heal-faster_300If you’ve ever broken a bone, you know how maddening the wait for it to heal can be. Well, researchers have found a reliable way to make it heal more rapidly.

Don’t drink any alcohol.

A study at Loyola University Medical Center shows that excessive drinking impairs the healing process after you suffer a bone fracture.

“Many bone fractures are alcohol-related, due to car accidents, falls, shootings, etc.,” says researcher Roman Natoli. “In addition to contributing to bone fractures, alcohol also impairs the healing process. So add this to the list of reasons why you should not abuse alcohol.”

The study revealed three ways alcohol slows bone healing:

New bone forms more slowly at the site of the fracture, and it is weaker.
Alcohol is linked to oxidative stress, a process that impairs normal cellular functions and bone formation.
During the healing process, the body sends immature stem cells to a fracture site. After arriving at the site, the stem cells mature into bone cells. Two proteins, known as SDF-1 and OPN, are involved in recruiting stem cells to the injury site. Drinking alcohol lowers the levels of OPN.

source: Easyhealthoptions

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