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Most People Worry About PE, What About DE?

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Premature Release (PE) is known to be a common problem among men. Almost as soon as they get down and dirty, males afflicted by this condition release too quickly, leaving themselves and their partners feeling frustrated and often unfulfilled.

However, there seems to be a new acronym in town – DE, short for delayed Release (lc). Dr. Madeleine Castellanos writes in that DE is “quickly becoming a major problem.” Men with DE find it difficult to release without intense stimulation. Sometimes, they are unable to reach the finish line at all.

Castellanos explains that one of the biggest reasons why there is a rise in cases of DE is the popularity of internet P0*n. “Easy access to P0*n Forget about PE, what about DEhas made frequent self service among men more common, which turn can increase the time it takes to reach climax and release during real s*x. With so many varieties of P0*n at your fingertips, you may get in the habit of having a steady flow of s*xual novelty and intense visual stimulation and therefore have a more difficult time reaching peak levels of s*xual arousal,” she writes.

Emotional issues can be a source of DE, too. If a guy is feeling insecure about his performance or is hesitant to trust someone else, then it can be harder for him to climax. Sometimes, this can happen if a male is too occupied with things outside the bedroom.

Castellanos writes that there are a few different ways that men can try to avoid DE, but they may not be popular options – she suggests taking a break from self service and from P0*n.

You could also try condoms , which is designed to make sure that both the guy and girl get the most pleasure out of the experience.

source: Lifestyles

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