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Lady calls out slay queen who has slept with almost all the Nigerian guys on Facebook

Thursday, 3 August 2017

So, a Facebook User with the Name, Oluwa Shidara has called out a “now former”friend, who she claims has slept with almost all the Nigerian guys on Facebook for money.

She even went as far as naming some two guys, who are popular “slay kings” on Facebook, and alleged that this her ex-friend, identified as “Ayoniadee Gucci Gucci” has slept with them, and claimed she stole her “very expensive slipper” & Bag.

She took to Facebook to write;

“Hey Pals, Do you know this bitch Called Ayoniadee Gucci Gucci. Please tell her to return my bag she carried to lagos when she went to F** her Facebook Daddy Starboi Lolo in Lagos. and Nike Slippers My Boyfriend Brought For me. Eles Dis is just the beginning for Dis.

You this useless bitch. She has fuc*ed all FB Guys finish including Pablo Escobor. This Bi(=*ch hardly bath. She can wear pant for 6 days. pity all this guys F***ng her. I pray you guys don’t contact diseases.

Fade try and listen to your mum. Why so Ugly. Ugly Bit**h


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