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How Girls Really Want to Be Treated: an Honest Insight (Must Read)

Saturday, 12 August 2017

There are so many opinions on how to treat women right. One say that they want expensive gifts, while others say that women enjoy being treated like a crap. One say that women like when men being rude, others say that women like men being kind. Sounds quite contradictory, right? So, how to treat a woman is one of the biggest mystery in the world? Actually not, as everything is way simpler, though sometimes hard to believe or accept.


And it has not that much to do with feminism and emancipation, as you might have thought. While you may think that you disrespecting women is complaining about them voting and having more successful careers, you often show disrespect with less important things. You laugh at the opinion of your sister, you are shaming your girlfriend telling her that she got fat or telling her that she is too stupid for college. While you may think that this things are small and don’t matter at all, they do. Women want to be respected even on a small level. The golden rule is to treat them the way you want to be treated.


We can agree that mainly women are more romantic than men. Thus, women like to see your romantic attitude. Of course it doesn’t mean that every evening must be romantic, but evening spent on the couch watching TV are far from being romantic. Women would like you to take them out from time to time. Cafe, trip, wherever, just try from time to time, to make your life less boring. Believe it or not, but making her happy from time to time by small things and actions, you would also get happier.


Of course we are living in the most time-consuming era, but women like when you when you spent time on them. They do understand that you are working and you are tired, but once again, treat them the way you want to be treated. You would like her to have time for you?

Than you need to have time for her. It won’t work in a single direction.


Well, women like s*x as much as you do. The main thing that women often act like givers, rather than receivers in s*x, and you take it for granted. When it comes to s*x, women often complain about men being too selfish. Yes, women like or act as they like to please men, but it doesn’t mean that you mustn’t care for her desires.

Also, prelude, touches, kisses are very important for women and you should mind that. Moreover, a lot of women enjoy role-playing games. You don’t want your s*x life to be boring? Than you must work on it too. Basically, this work must be mutual. Than your woman would love you more and give you more.


When you are talking with your woman, you must talk with her as if you are talking with one of your pals. Women hates when you have some special manner of talking with them and with your friends. Moreover, how there can be honesty in your relationships with such double-standards? So, talk. Talk about everything. Exchange opinions on history, exchange your opinions on politics, small thing and global issues. Talk about whatever you want to.

There is hardly a topic that you won’t be able to discuss with you girlfriend.


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