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Have A Happy S*x Life No Matter Your Age

Sunday, 6 August 2017

“You’re only as old as you feel.” It’s an old saying but new research is showing just how true it is when it comes to your s*x life.

Scientists at the University of Waterloo have discovered a surprising twist on that time-tested maxim…

The closer you feel to your actual age, the less likely you are to be satisfied with your s*x life.

The study looked at the attitudes about s*x and aging of a group of 1,170 adults from their mid-40s to their mid-70s over a 10-year period and reported that the closer people felt to their chronological age, the lower the quality of their s*x life.

In fact, the older participants felt — and the less positive their views were on aging — the less they rated s*xual activity as enjoyable over time. And, feeling older also predicted less interest in s*x.

So, if it seems that the secret to a healthy, happy s*x life is feeling younger, what can you do to turn back the clock, feel younger than your years and regain your s*xual vigor?

Just follow these eight steps that can help get you there:

#1 – Get active
A sedentary lifestyle not only makes you feel older, it makes you look older too.

So, get active! Join a gym, play a sport, ride your bike or even just take a walk and you’ll feel youthful and vibrant again.

Recent studies even show that just walking for 30 minutes a day can increase your longevity. That’s because walking is a fast fix for diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression and more!

#2 – Get your rest
Lack of sleep can make you feel exhausted, grouchy and yes – old!

Make sure to turn in early and get at least eight hours of sleep each night.

And, for better rest, eliminate all sources of blue light from your bedroom, such as alarm clocks, computers, tablets, televisions and cellphones. If you still have trouble nodding off, try marvelous melatonin to help you sleep, age slower and avoid disease.

#3 – Strengthen your core
If you’re ready to get active again, especially in the bedroom, you should focus on strengthening your core muscles. Pilates and yoga are good options for core strengthening and help you get longer, leaner muscles. Click here for core exercises can also help prevent back pain.

#4 – Eliminate sugar
Excess sugar is linked to many age-related conditions, including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and kidney disease. And it’s a skin-sagging food…

According to Dr. Nina Radcliff, “Processed sugars trigger the release of inflammatory messengers called cytokines. These in turn break down collagen and elastin, and result in sagging skin and wrinkles. In addition to damaging collagen, a high-sugar diet also affects what type of collagen you have — another factor in how resistant skin is to wrinkling.

So, clean up your diet and get rid of foods with excess sugar, like processed cereals and juices. Don’t forget those other sugary drinks, like sodas, since they’ve been implicated in cell aging.

#5 – Age-proof your meals
Start every meal with a fruit or vegetable and a tall glass of water. Loading up on the vitamins and antioxidants in fruits and veggies will make you feel refreshed, recharged, and reenergized. Discover all the beauty secrets waiting for you in the produce aisle!

#6 – Grab some weights
Strength training using free weights and body weight exercises are a great way to feel younger again faster.

Weight-training makes micro-tears in your muscles, which leads your body to generate thicker, stronger muscle fiber so you look leaner and fitter and feel better about yourself. Here’s a video link to help you get heavy-weight results lifting lighter weights!

#7 – Spend time outside
A little fresh air could be just the ticket to uncovering a more youthful you.

Research published in Psychological Science reveals that city-dwellers who had easy access to outdoor green spaces — the healthiest of all greens — had higher rates of well-being than those who saw just the concrete jungle day in and day out.

#8 – Dance it out
The music you loved in your younger days could hold the secret to feeling youthful today. Research by Harvard professor of psychology Ellen Langer, PhD, shows that experiencing a melodious blast from the past can help turn back time for our bodies.

In her groundbreaking study, a group of men in their 70s and 80s became measurably stronger after a week of living like it was 1959, including listening to ’50s hits.

And belly dancing is a fun way women can dance their way to a healthier self-image.

Now that you know that the secret to a happier s*x life lies in feeling younger than your years, use the eight tips above to get that youthful feeling back and get back in the bedroom.

source: Easyhealthoptions

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