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Atlanta rapper, Yung Mazi Previously survived 13 gunshot wounds has been shot dead

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

atlanta rapper yung mazi shot dead

Atlanta rapper, Yung Mazi, whose real name is Jibril A, was found dead after suffering multiple gunshot wounds around 8.55pm on Sunday outside Urban Pie in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta.

The up-and-coming rapper, who recently joined Kevin Gates’ BWA clique, previously claimed that he’s been shot more than ten times in his life.

atlanta rapper yung mazi shot dead

Police responded to the shooting on Sunday after hearing gunshots from their Zone 6 headquarters, WXIA reported.

They have not officially named the victim of the shooting, but social media tributes have poured in for the rapper.

The person who shot him is described as a black male with dreadlocks and wearing a white t-shirt.

According to XXL reports, the 31-year-old rapper was previously shot on December 27th of last year, making this his second time being attacked in eight months.

Mazi was reportedly shot a number of times throughout his career, with the “Take My Life” rapper even claiming to be “bulletproof” back in December after his 11th attack.

After an attack in 2015, Yung Mazi made a video calling for his attackers to aim for something other than his legs.

“Public service announcement from my legs. My legs done had enough,” he says in the video. “So tell your shooter start aiming for some shit that’s gonna kill somebody. These n****s aiming for legs, My legs are tired of this shit.”

His fellow rappers, including Travis Scott, Young Thug, and many others have paid tribute to the young MC:

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