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5 Best Fun S*x Positions For Beginners

Saturday, 5 August 2017

If you have just started having s*x, you will want to learn about the five best fun s*x positions for beginners. Starting to have s*x is an exciting and thrilling time in a person’s life. Knowing the right s*x positions to start with can get your s*x life off to a good start. Have fun trying all of these five best s*x positions for beginners.

Doggie Style. In this s*x position, the woman gets on her hands and knees and the man penetrates her from behind. This is one of the best fun s*x positions for beginners, because it is very stimulating for a women. Since the man is in control when having s*x in this position, it is also a great way for a guy to practice his technique.

Missionary. The woman lies flat on her back and the guy lays on top of woman facing her. This is a great position when you want to feel very intimate with your partner. To make this fun s*x position for beginners even more fun, put a pillow under the woman’s hips. This will allow for deeper penetration for the man and will give the woman an amazing s*xual sensation.

69. This fun s*x position for beginners can give both the man and woman unbelievable pleasure at the same time. One of the most popular ways for couples to do the 69 position is for the woman to be on top of the man with her v**ina in his face while she lays on top of the man and puts his man-hood in her mouth. This allows a woman to be able to move her cli**ris over the guy’s tongue and mouth at an angle and speed that gives her the most pleasure.

Woman on Top. Women love this fun s*x position for beginners, because they can control their thrusting pace. Most men do this position because they enjoy having the woman take over. This position can be done with the woman facing the man or the woman riding the guy’s man-hood backwards.

Seated. This is a great fun s*x position for beginners when you just can’t make it to the bedroom. In this position, the guy is sitting up and the girl straddles him. Another great thing about this s*x position is that it can be done just about anywhere, from the movie theatre to the car.

source: Mademen

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