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When Is It Ok To Have S*x With A New Partner?

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Relationships can be tricky to navigate, especially when they’re new. While the first few dates can be thrilling, there are definitely some awkward moments that will arise. While a kiss on the doorstep after a night out with someone new is always nice, there comes a time when one or both members of a partnership will want to take things upstairs. However, when and how to go about your first sexy encounter can be a difficult roadblock.

Open and constant communication is important for any relationship, no matter whether it’s the first date or the 50th. Talking about s*x is always a good idea, though probably not suited for the first date dinner conversation. Instead, wait until both partners have had time to get to know each other, and be sure the conversation doesn’t involve one party pressuring the other.

Some people may want to move on to s*x after the first or second date, while others will hold off for months or years (or until marriage.) No approach is wrong, it simply comes down to personal preference. New couples must be sure to respect each other’s boundaries while still voicing their own needs and desires.

It may be simpler for new partners to ease into things. Instead of jumping from a peck on the cheek to full blown intercourse, try starting out with a make out session. When things seem right, bump it up another notch, to oral or manual s*x. Going slowly will allow new partners to gain an understanding of each other physically and emotionally, which will make s*x better in the long run.

Of course, wearing protection is a must, especially for new couples. Even if both members of the party have divulged their s*xual history, it’s always best to play it safe for pregnancy and STD prevention.

source: Lifestyles

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