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[VIDEO]: Man Cuts His man-hood And Runs Around The Streets unclad

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

A unclad, bleeding man was filmed harassing people and charging at officers in a Chicago neighbourhood.

The shocking footage, filmed on Monday evening near the intersection of Grace Street and Drake Avenue in the Irving Park community, shows the man, who looks to be Arab, standing in front of a gate and screaming obscenities at residents. He was bleeding from the crotch and reports have it that he was the one who chopped of his male member by himself.

“F*** you men,” he kept screaming at the people behind the gate.

“Calm down,” they told him, but he wouldn’t listen and continued cussing.

Soon, he turns away from the gate and charges toward a female Chicago Police Department officer who is standing in the middle of the road. As he approaches her, he says to the officer; “get outta here b****”

At this point, the female officer quickly produces her taser as she shouts at him to get on the ground. When he refused, she fires it at him.

All the while, the person filming can be heard shouting in the background: “Shoot him. Shoot his head. This is the time you should shoot people.”

The unclad man then falls to the ground after he is tasered. As he kneels before the police officers, another man is heard saying: “Oh my God, he’s gonna be killed. He’s gonna get shot bro, he’s gonna be killed.”

He soon lays on the floor and begins rolling. Blood can be seen on the floor, obviously from his bleeding man-hood. Another police vehicle soon arrives at the scene and an officer gets out of the van. The unclad man stands and tries to charge at the officer who just arrived but he tasered him again, causing him to fall to the ground.

It is not clear if he was under the influence of drugs. His condition is unknown at the moment.

See the harrowing footage below.

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