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S*x is a Mistake, Great Men are Created Not Born – Popular Pastor Who Allegedly ‘Arrested’ Satan Reveals

Friday, 21 July 2017

Controversial Zimbabwean Prophet, Talent Madungwe, has disclosed that s*x is a mistake and he will take his time before her gets married.

According to a report by H-Metro, despite the popular knowledge that s*x was meant for procreation, the prophet argued that great men in the Bible were not born through the popular method but were created.

Prophet Madungwe, who had claimed in the past that he has met God, not once but three times, cited Adam and Jesus as the great men who were created through non-s*xual means.

He said; “I believe s*x was a mistake. God created Adam and he also created Jesus who was born out of a virgin”, he said adding that s*x was meant to bring joy and relieve boredom to men.

“When God created Adam, he noticed that he was lonely and he created Eve for him to take away the loneliness. I believe s*x is meant to reduce boredom and relieve stress.”

When asked whether he had not tasted the ‘forbidden’ fruit, the controversial 31-years-old single cleric, said all details will be revealed on the bachelor’s party as he is set to tie the knot.

He said he was not in a rush to have a relationship and does not have much in as far as issues involving women are concerned.

“Right now I am concentrating on ministerial work. All the other details will be revealed on the bachelor’s party.

“Age is catching up with me and I believe I will have someone when the time comes but as it stands I’m concentrating on the arrest of Satan. It is clear I will get married and fall into the same mistake, but s*x was a mistake,” he said.

Madungwe is famous for controversial claims like causing the arrest of the devil, being God’s advisor, having met God and that from time to time he sits on the God’s hierarchy.

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