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Study sheds Light On Why Some Women Fake It

Monday, 17 July 2017

While many men go above and beyond to help the women in their lives achieve climax, some may still be nagged by the question – Is she faking it? Like it or not, some women may pretend to climax, and a recent study published in the Archives of s*xual Behavior might help us understand why some ladies choose to put on a show.

Researchers from a number of prominent universities surveyed a group of 453 heterosexual women with a median age of 21.8 years. The women were in long-term relationships of at least six months. Based on a hypothesis, women were asked about how much they worried that their partners were cheating on them. To gather this information, they were asked whether or not they had yelled at women who looked at their partner or had called their significant other to see whom he was with, among other questions.

New study sheds light on why some women fake it Finally, the subjects were asked whether they had pretended to be more sexually excited than they actually were and whether they had faked an climax.

After analyzing all of this information, researchers reached the conclusion that women who feared that their partner was going to be unfaithful, whether or not there was an actual risk, were more likely to fake an climax.

Open communication and talking about s*x can help partners in long-term relationships overcome fears about infidelity as well as bedroom issues. If women have trouble reaching orgasms, they may want to invest in a personal vibrator, which they can use with their partner for added stimulation.

A 2009 study from Indiana University found that not only is vibrator use among partners common in the U.S., but that those who do bring a vibrating toy into the bedroom report positive s*xual health.

source: Lifestyles

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