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Scientists Accidentally Invent A s*x Toy That Can Make Women Climax Easily

Friday, 28 July 2017

The sextoy

A scientific accident has created a pleasurable outcome for women.

Researchers have stumbled across a s*x toy that helps women climax, although it was originally designed to have the opposite effect.

The ‘v*ginal pressure inducer’ was created to stimulate discomfort in the quest to ease painful s*x for women.

Despite not having an alluring name, a study found that the balloon contraption helps to increase s*xual arousal an unexpected outcome.

It works solely by remote control, filling up with water at the press of a button when inserted into the v*gina.

In a small trial on 42 women, Dutch researchers stumbled upon the unexpected outcome of the toy.

It was produced so that the team could study discomfort during s*x, a problem that affects nearly three in five women, figures suggest.

Known as dyspareunia, it is known to strike more often during the menopause due to lower oestrogen levels causing a lack of lubrication.

How was the study carried out? 

For the bizarre study, the women were asked to watch both P0*n and footage of a non-s*xual nature.

The volunteers, who had all experienced s*xual discomfort in the past, then inserted the toy into their v*ginas.

From another room, scientists inflated the gadget – but gave women full control of being able to stop the pressure at any given moment.

What did they find?

The researchers found women allowed the balloon to inflate significantly more when watching P0*n. They even claimed to be more aroused when watching the er*tic films with the s*x toy – rather than without.

However, the findings weren’t repeated for non-s*xual clips. In this case, the v*ginal pressure inducer still caused pain.

Maastricht University experts found mixed reactions among the women, with some saying it wasn’t very pleasant, while others called it ‘stimulating’.


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