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No More Journalism Practice In Nigeria – Kemi Olunloyo Says

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Kemi Olunloyo has revealed she will no longer practice journalism in Nigeria due to criminal defamation law.

She wrote;

I will no longer practice Journalism in #Nigeria due to the #Criminaldefamationlaw in the Nigerian police criminal code. I do not practice pharmacy in Nigeria because it’s not regulated. I cannot dispense prescription drugs without a prescription which leaves me with public relations management. I have first class degrees in all three.
With that being said I proclaimed myself a political activist fighting for the masses and a #socialmediamanager for platforms. I am available for PR as I did in #Canada. Music publicist, media and publicity for politicians, individuals, brands and businesses.
I will be fighting for #pressfreedom in Senate and house hearings to remove the criminal defamation law out from the Nigerian police criminal code. It was SECRETLY added a few years ago in a democracy for matter. In most modern countries, defamation is CIVIL. I must protect the mass comm and journalism students and all reporters. I have 13 years left in Nigeria and will be off to the USA to collect my pension from all three careers. Soon Nigeria will be left with a government without media or a media without government. My passport has being seized so I can’t travel out to even take assignments. It is a travel document tied to my JOB.

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