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Intense S*x Positions In Bed

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Sexy stack
There are lots of different s*x positions out there, but which are the best to do in your actual bed? These positions are for those who prefer to keep their steamy moments between the sheets…

The sexy stack
Cuddle up close to your guy with this sensual position!
Get into position: Your man needs to kneel while you sit on his lap with your legs around him. Get into a rhythm and start rocking out.
Sheet-ripping moment: The friction makes it fantastic for multiple orgasms!

The loaded gun
Give your man a special dance he won’t forget in a hurry!
Get into position: Your fella sits on the bed and leans back on his arms. Straddle him and lean back on your arms. Build up a sexy momentum by thrusting and leaning simultaneously.
Sheet-ripping moment: A great position to hit the G-spot jackpot!

Bend over backwards
Only for the more supple couples!
Get into position: When he’s lying on his back straddle onto him and then slowly start to lie back. Use your arms to support you as you both get into a rhythm.
Sheet-ripping moment: Perfect for clitoral stimulation as well as deep penetration, try using a s*x toy for the ultimate climax!

Prowling tiger
Bend over backwards for him!
Get into position: Strike the pose on your hands and knees and wait for your fella to enter you from behind!
Sheet-ripping moment: His hands are free to stimulate you from the front as well so it’s extra orgasmic!

Time to get hot and steamy with your fella!
Get into position! Start by facing each other on your side. Push his legs between yours and wrap your legs around his hips as he enters you. Thrust the night away!
Sheet-ripping moment: Deep penetration and plenty of clitoral stimulation!

The magician
Not for the faint hearted, you’ll need plenty of energy for this one!
Get into position: Lie on your back and as he knees down get him to lift your legs up to his shoulders and wrap them around his neck (not too tight!). As he enters you he can hold your hips to control the thrusting.
Sheet-ripping moment: G-spot heaven!

Jumping jockey
Take control of your man and get on top!
Get into position: An oldie but a goodie! This is an easy position, simply get on top of your fella, let him enter you and rock the night away. Pin his hands down to really let him know who’s in charge!
Sheet-ripping moment: You call the shots – great for deep thrusting penetration!

source: Goodtoknow

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