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Here is why make-up s*x could be bad for your relationship- New study

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Many men have the perception that make-up s*x is a great way to move past relationship issues, but it may not be as effective as it seems.

A new study says that make-up s*x after an argument might not be the best form of post-fight therapy.

Researchers at Buckness University, Pennsylvania, surveyed data from 74 men and women – who were asked to name five actions or behaviours that men and women engage in to reconcile with their partners after a fight.

Their answers were then grouped by the researchers into 21 categories of possible reconciliation behaviours.

Subsequently, the options given by the participants were given to an additional group of men and women to determine which methods were most effective.

While most men chose make-up s*x, women found it more effective when their partner apologised, cried and spent time with them after a quarrel.

Overall, it was found that showing emotional commitment is the best way of reconciling a conflict between lovers.

Joel Wade, the lead study author, said the results showed that women yearn to have their partners (of the opposite s*x) apologise and spend time with them after a fight, rather than just launching into makeup s*x.

“Women may find the act of their male partner apologising to be an effective reconciliation tactic because it is viewed as an altruistic act,” said Wade.

“A man’s apology may redirect the cost of romantic conflict to himself rather than to his partner and thereby demonstrate his ability to provide emotional support and incur personal costs for his partner.”

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