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Foreplay Ideas To Spice Up Your S*x Life

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Foreplay is one of the most important elements of a healthy s*x life – almost as important as the main event itself!

Spending time on foreplay with your partner will make sure you connect on a deeper level – and it will heighten your pleasure.

If you’re not satisfied with your current foreplay or want to try something a bit different, our tips will come in very handy.

We’ve split our tips into special zones to focus on and ideas for ways to spice up your foreplay. First up – the foreplay focus zones.

Foreplay focus zone: Hair
The scalp is full of nerve endings that makes playing with your hair a big turn on.
What he can do: Men love playing with women’s hair. Get into the bath or shower together and get him to wash your hair and massage your scalp.

Foreplay focus zone: Legs
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have perfect legs, the hotspots are still the same: toes, ankles, back of the knees.

What he can do: Start off at your toes. He should slowly massage your feet, toes and ankles, then move on to kissing and nibbling. Get him to slowly move up your legs, concentrating on the backs of your knees, which are highly sensitive. And when he gets to the top of your legs…

Foreplay focus zone: Ears
Did you know that the patch of skin behind the ear is a real hotspot?
What he can do: He can tease you – moving from nibbling and kissing your ear, ear lobe and behind. Some women can actually climax through ‘ear s*x’ but don’t put any pressure on it, just enjoy the sensations.
Oooh rating: Send the kids to the grandparents for the night, you won’t

Foreplay focus zone: Back
An often neglected area but giving your back a little attention can really help your s*x drive.
What he can do: Anything! Massage, stroking, kissing, licking… working down from the nape of your neck to your bottom. And he can do all this while playing with your cli**ris with his fingers or a vibrator

Foreplay focus zone: Tummy
Perhaps because we often hide our tums, when it’s touched sensuously it feels a bit naughty and can be a big turn on.
What he can do: First of all, don’t worry about any stretchmarks or love handles. Relax, lie back and enjoy. Ask him to very gently kiss and stroke your tummy, kiss and caress it.

Foreplay focus zone: Armpits and b**bs
Any area of the body that has hair is particularly sensitive.
What he can do: Ban him from touching your bosoms and instead get him to kiss, nibble and gently blow on the skin around your armpits and under your br**sts. Hot and cold sensations work well on this area so ask him to pop an ice cube in his mouth or to try a warming massage oil.

Foreplay focus zone: Bellybutton
The bellybutton is extremely sensitive and there are nerves that run down to your groin.
What he can do: Slowly circle your bellybutton with his fingers. If you like it he can start licking your bellybutton and gently insert his finger in and out, rubbing it firmer and kissing harder.

Foreplay focus zone: Neck
This erogenous zone can send shivers down your spine, literally, as the nerves around this area are connected to the nerves in your private parts.
What he can do: Start by drawing very small circles with his finger along the collar bone and make those circles bigger. Move from your collarbone to your neck, kissing and licking.

source: Goodtoknow

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