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Drugs Are Not Therapy, And Therapy Is Not Drugs

Monday, 17 July 2017

Not one person has ever been born who was drug-deficient. The concept of “drug therapy” is an oxymoron and a self-contradiction. Drugs are not therapy, and therapy is not drugs.

But this false concept locks up the human mind and shuts out rational thought that would lead to revealing conclusions. The fact that drugs are poisons and must be by definition is completely lost to the sick American people.

Another false concept is the idea that the Food and Drug Administration is interested in protecting the people from harmful drugs. The FDA isn’t in the research business. It’s in the business of approving drugs based on drug company research produced by paid-off doctors and researchers. It’s a crony system, a revolving-door system where researchers and PR hacks move back and forth between drug companies, federal regulatory bodies and congressional staffs.

Research by the drug companies is based on toxic reactions that would give the appearance of therapy by masking the symptoms with suppression of the immune response. It is well known that drugs have many negative “side effects,” many of which are or can be fatal. It’s not an advertised statistic, but adverse reaction to prescription drugs is the sixth leading cause of death in America. Combine this number with medical error deaths, and conventional medicine is far and away the leading cause of death in American: an astounding 783,939 deaths per year.

The chiropractic profession has been derided and suppressed for 100 years because chiropractic doctors do not believe in “drug therapy.” Medical doctors, not being aware of the subtle influences that control their own profession, mimic that chiropractors are “quacks.” What a cruel joke on medical men and their patients.

Medical doctors have one thing on their minds, and that is what drug to administer. What drug do I give to mask symptoms so that the patient will feel better?

There is really no defense of “drug therapy.” So no public debate is allowed, and any debate that is allowed is only on spurious issues. Do you think that the government and its symbiotic partners, the drug cartel, want to control “medical costs” in America? They have every incentive to keep costs (profits) rising.

Government subsidy of drugs and medical costs is cash flow to the drug companies under pretext of aid to the people. It would be very interesting to unravel the interlocking influences that promote medical subsidy.

The road to health is paved with proper nutrition, not prescription drugs.

source: Easyhealthoptions

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