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Boost Your Testosterone, Energy And Strength With Carnitine

Thursday, 20 July 2017

If you are a male over 40 years old, you may have noticed that you don’t have the same energy you used to have. Added to that, you might have observed that your body is changing. It may be harder to maintain your lean muscle. Your waistline might be expanding even though you continue to eat and exercise as you always have.

Plus, your libido may not be what it used to be; and it’s possible that you have experienced erectile dysfunction. If any of these things are happening to you, you are not alone.

Testosterone Implications

As men age, their testosterone begins to decline. Just as women go through a change called menopause, men also go through a male menopause called “andropause.”

Andropause is a slow process that involves declining testosterone levels. As your natural testosterone levels decrease, it can lead to an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen. This hormonal imbalance can lead to several health issues in the male body.

You may be wondering if there is anything you can do about declining testosterone and the changes it brings to your mood, energy and libido. There are natural ways to increase testosterone naturally; you don’t have to rely on testosterone therapy, which has side effects. One possible way to increase your testosterone may be to take carnitine. Carnitine is derived from an amino acid and is present in your body’s cells. Decline of carnitine in your body contributes to the aging process.

Carnitine delivers fatty acids to the energy-producing part of your cells called the mitochondria. This process boosts energy and muscle strength. It also increases certain enzymes necessary for breaking down carbohydrates.

Taking a carnitine supplement can help boost your energy, strength and s*xual health while promoting normal hormone levels without the necessity of taking the hormones themselves. Your body does not produce large amounts of carnitine on its own, and your level of carnitine may be lower due to aging.

If you are interested in increasing your energy and libido, you might want to consider carnitine supplements in an effort to lift your testosterone and energy levels. Other positive effects of L-carnitine include helping combat fatigue, depression and erectile dysfunction.

Studies On Carnitine

Several studies have been performed that focus on carnitine.

One study compared carnitine with testosterone for the ability to address reduced s*x drive, depression and fatigue. Researchers randomly assigned 130 men between the ages of 60 and 74 into three groups: 45 of the subjects received carnitine, 45 received placebo and 40 were given testosterone.

After three and six months of treatment, the men were evaluated for their hormone levels, s*x drive, prostate size, mood, fatigue and PSA (prostate specific antigen). While both carnitine and testosterone improved s*xual performance, carnitine was more effective than testosterone. Carnitine did not increase prostate volume, but testosterone did, making carnitine a better choice than testosterone for men concerned about enlarged prostate. Both testosterone and carnitine improved fatigue and depression. These findings support the belief that carnitine is one of the top supplements for erectile dysfunction and s*xual health.

In another study, researchers supplemented aging rats with carnitine and an antioxidant called alpha-lipoic acid to reduce mitochondrial decay. The animals moved more and improved their performance on tasks that required memory. This study and the analysis of several other studies suggest that use of acetyl-L-carnitine (a specific form of carnitine) may improve mental function and reduce the deterioration in older people with mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s disease.

Another study showed that carnitine supplements can reduce fatigue in cancer patients. The study also found that carnitine can help improve depression and sleep.

How To Take Carnitine

Carnitine is a generic term for compounds such as L-carnitine, acetyl-L-carnitne and propionyl-L-carnitine, which are available in supplement form. You can take carnitine alone or in formulas for men’s health.

Acetyl-L-carnitine is an ingredient found in a male health formulation called EveryDay Male®. This daily supplement by Prostate Research Labs is designed just for men and contains 13 ingredients that can help aging men with their strength, libido and energy.

Talk to your doctor before starting any supplement program. There can be some side effects of taking carnitine. At large doses of 3 grams per day (3,000mg), carnitine supplements can cause nausea, diarrhea, cramps and a fishy body odor.

source: Easyhealthoptions

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