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Bobrisky calls out Speed Darlington for leaking DM Princess Vitarah sent him, reveals speedy also begged him for a social media beef

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Bobrisky blasts speed darlington for leaking the Instagram DM Princess Vitarah sent to him, where she begged him for a beef.

The three musketeers of Nigerian Internet, Speed Darlington, Bobrisky and Princess Vitarah have just spiked off a new internet beef!

Speedy of recent leaked a DM Princess Vitarah sent to him, where she begged speedy for a beef on social media, so they can both gain followers.

In response to this “childish act”, the cross-dresser has put flogged Speedy, and also shared a screenshot where Speedy also begged him for a beef.

Bobrisky wrote: “If that stupid darlington can exposed a girl who want followers then he is stupid to send me this DM 4 weeks ago. People like that ugly vulture shoudln’t be seen with. Fool”.

“ig DM are supposed to be private not to share. The only one you can share is the funny one you think it won’t hurt the person. That bastard went attention badly. Let him go resume $15 per hour duty cos his song his DEAD”

“Some people will come to you privately to kiss your a*s but theygo behind to say shit about. That is why I love white people life style they are so straight.

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