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8 Steps To Your Best climax Ever

Saturday, 22 July 2017

How to climax: Step 1 – Practice on yourself
Trying to climax is often a woman’s biggest s*xual frustration, it just doesn’t always come as easily as it does for men.

Rather than allowing it to frustrate you, there are plenty of things you can do to try and ensure you reach climax when you want to. First, it’s important to understand exactly what and climax is – our climax guide will give you all that information.

Then it’s time for action. This handy 8-step guide will have you achieving your climax in no time at all.

Step 1: By understanding your own body on your own, you’ll put less pressure on your partner and will be able to spend as long as you like experimenting. Once you understand what works for you, you’ll be able to communicate it better with your partner.

Around half of all women climax for the first time through self service. When practicing on yourself try not to rush straight to your cli**ris. Take your time to explore other erogenous zones on the way and you’ll find new realms of pleasure that you didn’t know existed.

Step 2 – Build up the tension with a date night
Half the fun of s*x is thinking and talking about it, so, before heading straight to the sack, take time to wine, dine and chat to your man. Even going out for a meal or sitting in the cinema can be foreplay.

A gentle stroke here and a nibble on his ear there, will all help to build up to an explosive climax once you’re back in the safety of the bedroom. You can even send naughty messages and emails throughout the day to ramp up the tension even more.

Reading s*x stories or watching a sexy film or P0*n together is a great way to build up your expectations even further. Try doing these things without touching each other to really get your pulses racing.

Step 3 – Think of a fantasy
As well as being lots of fun and a great way to bond with your man, s*x is also about escapism. So, it may help to completely switch off and indulge in a fantasy while your man is stimulating you. Imagining Brad Pitt’s tongue going to town on you is sure to get your pulse racing and edge you ever closer to the big ‘O’

Understanding what turns you on is an essential part of reaching climax so think of fantasies while you’re with your partner and on your own.

The next stage would be (safely) acting out those fantasies together. Dream of having s*x with a stranger? Plan to meet in a bar and pretend not to know each other.

Step 4 – Do your Kegel exercises
Research shows that women who regularly do their Kegel exercises experience orgasms more easily, more frequently and more intensely. So this one sounds like no brainer to us! Find your muscles by stopping your pee mid-flow – these are your pelvic floor muscles.

To do your pelvic floor exercises simply squeeze those muscles as hard as you can and hold them. Do this three or four times a day

Step 5 – Try woman on top
There are certain s*x positions perfect for female climax and being on top is a great for three reasons. Firstly, you’re in control so you can really make sure that you’re getting exactly the right angle to reach climax. Secondly, grinding against a man’s pubic bone will create clitoral stimulation and thirdly, if he also takes some time to caress your br**sts, you’ll be ready to explode!

And if all that doesn’t get you going the look on your man’s face while he’s looking at your body is bound to get you over-excited.

Step 6 – Try from behind
One of the main benefits of doggy style is that you can use your s*x toy or your hand to help you reach climax while your man thrusts away. It can also feel quite dirty and naughty to be taken from behind as well which adds to the er*tic thrill.

Step 7 – The old faithful
The missionary position is definitely an oldie but a goodie. Not only is it a great way to be really intimate with your man because you can keep kissing and cuddling while he thrusts but you can also stimulate yourself with a s*x toy or your own hand

Step 8 – Tell him what you think!
The best way to make sure you climax with your partner is to communicate before, during and after s*x.

Once you understand what you need to reach an climax, you’ll be better placed to instruct your partner. Communicating your needs will help them enjoying the experience so much more too – they’ll have a good time if they know you’re having a good time.

If you feel uncomfortable talking about it you can always start with encouraging sounds during s*x to lead your partner to your favourite spots.

source: Goodtoknow

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